Robert is not only the most easy going photographer I've ever worked with he's the best at getting me the imgs I want and the ones he wants all in one shoot. Whether its only 2 hours or all day I love shooting with him. I always have a blast experimenting with ideas. The best of it all is his professionalism. Clear, to the point, gets you your imgs pronto, and helps wherever he can with improving your portfolio. His eye for beauty and creativity really sparks when being yourself I notice and that's what I love most about our shoots. Being myself and capturing my beauty in a way no one else has ever.
Vivica NightShade(non-registered)
Robert is by far, the most amazing photographer I have had the pleasure of working with. He uses the best lighting techniques, and body placement for the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen myself in. Hope to work with him in the near future and add his wonderful, brilliant works to my portfolio. Thank you R. Davidson!
Lynise Cooper(non-registered)
Robert has taught me so much with modeling shoots. I love working with him and he always makes me feel relaxed. I love his work, my shots are always unique and beautiful. Thanks Robert for everything you've done for all the pics you take, Can't wait to shoot again.
Farrah Stravinskas(non-registered)
So much fun helping with the shoot and I learned a lot as well. The photos came out AWESOME! Very professional, patient and talented. You have inspired me to do more than what I do with Macro, I also am in the progress of starting up my website. Thank you.
chad Stickley(non-registered)
really cool
Kimber Collins(non-registered)
LOVE working with Robert EVERY time. Always a very fun, relaxed, professional, and creatively wild shoot. A joy and pleasure, you wouldn't go wrong working with this guy.
Brittany Ann Tungcab(non-registered)
Loooove your work can't wait to shoot with you again :)
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